Agency Worker Guidelines for Schools (AWR)

Legislation introduced on 1st October 2011 - Agency Worker Regulations provide agency workers with exactly the same entitlement to their counterparts in permanent positions after 12 weeks of continuous service. This means that from day one any agency staff working in your school will be able to use the same facilities as other staff and must be provided with any open vacancies in your school. Ramhorn Education will charge a pre agreed daily rate/fee during the day 1 to 12 week window. Once a candidate has worked in the same position for 12 weeks they will be entitled to the following: Equal Pay – this must be the same pay as a permanent member of staff performing the same job. Enrol automatically for pension contributions Paid Annual Leave

The 12 week qualifying period starts from the candidates first day however there are exceptions that pause the qualifying period. These include:

Once the 12 week qualification period is complete staff are entitled to the same pay as a permanent member of staff that is doing the same job with the same experience. Therefore someone with 3 years teaching experience post qualification will be entitled to an M4 pay-scale (equivalent daily rate).

Pregnant agency workers are entitled to take paid time off for antenatal appointments throughout the duration of their assignment.

If you as a school or candidate have any questions regarding AWR, one of our experienced consultants will be happy to explain in detail exactly what is required.

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